Secure your place * down payment

Caribean Salsa and SON CUBANO feeling * Hungary - SIÓFOK - at lake Balaton * beginners-medio avanced-avanced with many prof's from Cuba

You can join any of Cuban courses depending on your dancing experience and willingness, whenever you want.

four-party - 4 day dance - you'll never forget ...

Festival with the best teachers at Lake Balaton ... Summertime is coming... Salsa, SON CUBANO, Bachata, Timba, Reggaeton, and....
kubai salsa nyári tánctábor/biro zoli
EVENT 100% Dance - 100% Summer


HUNGARY - Part Hotel, Siófok, Deák Ferenc sétány 2/B.

Camp director
+ 36 209 441 776

TRAVEL (individual) - FÓRUM Hungarian
travel cunsultation fórum
- I want to go, but i do not have car
- it connects with someone
- there is free place in my car

Arrival 24. july 2024 morning
waiting for you at the reception
- squarters landing
- meets tickets

Leaving the hotel 28 july . 2028 Sunday 10:00 hours
(who still want to stay, you can continue to the shores of Lake Balaton, only have to move out of the room)
(your bagg leave it there - luggage office)

Room facilities
With 2 - 3 - 6 bed rooms, including a toilet, shower, sink, mini fridge, TV
Each room has a balcony where you can smoke. Free Wifi.

Dance course location
In the hotel dance room, or on the beach
recommendation: bring to class bottled mineral water for the dance course

Thematic PARTY NIGHT- Salsa Fiestas

every night until dawn at 22h - 02:00

Music Dj.Zulu

bring about a special - this year, expect the following costumes thematic for parties by night

wednesday night dress code -jul.24.
22:00 - 01:00PARTY

thursday night dress code -jul.25.
22:00 - 01:00PARTY

friday night dress code -jul.26.*

saturday night dress code -jul.28

What do I have to make?
- pouch
- sun cream(min. 24 faktor)
- mosquito repellent cream
- thongs
- swimsuit
- air mattress
- battery or electric charge for phone, radio...
- mp3 player
- wifi stick
- guitar....
- money...

Travel and accident insurance

Shops, restaurants
8 minutes away from us LIEDL MARKET

Dressed in dance classes

Dress and Shoe: Lightweight, comfortable, well-ventilated

Nights dress - follow the party info

hygiene advice
The dance is a sport, arts and entertainment, exercising its inevitably get into your partner's physical aura. Therefore, we believe that if you want to be happy to dance with you make sure you have a pleasant smell, take me with you if you're sweating or towel desodort or even chewing gum or candy, or whatever you like.

I have to take care of my value
The lost (or stolen) object does not accept responsibility for the

Part Hotel can be easily reached by rail or by public transport.
The Széplak-Upper station is five minutes from the hotel.
The rooms have separate renovated bathrooms, shower, toilet and fridge in every room. We provide free parking for our guests in the enclosed car park. For our guests' full service we have a non-stop reception where our dear guests are at your service. Free Wi-Fi.
In the free beach at the front of the hotel you can sunbathe, bathe and rent water sports equipment. The hotel's garden features basketball, volleyball and soccer fields, which guests can always take advantage of free of charge.

Photography - video - documentation
An official video and photography will be made of the
In the case of a reasonable agreement  the contest will be recorded and later broadcasted.)

If you would like your photo or video is included on the official camp website talk with Zoltan


Cuban & Latin Dance Summer Festival in Hungary organisiert by Salsa Hungary